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Aiden Moffat and RM Hubbert – Rough Trade Bristol 24.5.18

Aiden Moffat and RM Hubbert played their latest album called Here lies the Body released on Rock Action Records, in the gig room at Rough Trade Records in Bristol with support from Siobhan Wilson. I CANNOT FIND A REUSABLE PICTURE OF ROUGH TRADE OR THEIR LOGO. So, let me tell you a story, I couldn’t […]

The Turn of The Screw – New Theatre Cardiff 25.5.18

  The Others? The Woman in┬áBlack? The Innocents? I’ll avoid phrases like genre-defining work of Henry James and winding of pressure, but for the love of whatever you worship, this was quite intense. So many factors made it terrifying and I can’t decide which one made it more so 1. the rocking, rocking horse; 2. […]

Basic Bitches/Drunken Butterfly/Kiss Me Killer @ Le Public Space 15.4.18 (FBJL)

It has been a while since this event but, for life of me you missed out if you didn’t go! Le Public Space has the MOST PERFECT sound; my favourite type of venue is one with big heavy doors that lock the sound in. Dare I say that the sound is better than the upstairs […]

Who is Jeni Hell? Where did she come from?

I gave up trying to ignore every errant apostrophe on the internet and decided to have fun making a website…here it is. I love going to gigs, I go to a fair few. I like tee shirts and zines*.   *fanzines to me. I made it for myself to write about gigs I have been […]